Microsoft CRM v3.0 Mobile

Relationships sell.  Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your company’s cumulative relationship knowledge at your finger tips when you are heading to an unfamiliar customer site?  Now you can by using Microsoft CRM v3.0 Mobile.  And best of all, it is already included as part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM package.

     Mobile 3.0 lets you access a plethora of information from your CRM system directly from your PDA device.  You can look up account activity, account history, and contact information either in a real time environment over the internet, or in a disconnected environment where you sync when at the office.  If you are concerned about limited storage capacity on your PDA, Mobile 3.0 allows users to select individual accounts to be synchronized.

     Mobile 3.0 is extremely customizable.  It will mirror modifications to account, contact, and opportunity views, quickly and easily.

     Mobile 3.0 will run on most servers that are already running Microsoft Dynamics CRM with only a couple of exceptions.  Most PDAs with a Microsoft based operating system will be able to run the client portion of Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile.

     There are other ways to sync with PDA’s running different operating systems such as Palm or Blackberry.  Some of these require a bit more manual effort to utilize but certainly will get the job done.

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