Macola ES 360 Version 323

     Exact Software has released version 323 for Macola ES Batch360.  This version contains fixes to about 500 errors, support for Crystal v10, stronger integration with Exact Business Analytics, and several improvements.  In addition to the internal testing performed at Exact, the version was placed in four controlled sites and run for about a six week period to ensure that it is the most stable offering to-date. 

Improvements include:

· Cash receipts can now be applied to invoices and write-off amounts to each invoice, allowing users to write off to multiple G/L accounts;

· Users can populate city and state automatically once the zip code is entered;

· The Accounts Receivable customer card has been updated by removing the Void option from it. Through improved internal controls, users can now have access to the card, as void rights will be managed by the Void Menu option;

· Users will now have the ability to print Financial Information by a range of Cost Units;

· To save time, you will now be able to open e-Synergy® within Macola ES; and

· A new Accounts Payable Registry report will allow you to print by check number and/or by vendor name.


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