New e-Synergy Add-on

      There is a new add-on product for e-Synergy that will make it an even more useful CRM tool.  InterConnect for Macola provides real-time data views directly from Macola information such as open and historical order searches, and item inventories.  Since e-Synergy is web based, that means you now have the ability to see much Macola information remotely just using a browser.

     With InterConnect you can create true Macola quotes from a customerís account card within e-Synergy.  Quotes can access the customer pricing tables set up in Macola.  The quote can then be viewed or edited from either application.  You can print quote documents from e-Synergy.

     The product adds a new feature for tracking phone calls outside of workflow requests and is located on the Monitor section.

     Pricing is $1,500 for the product plus $80 per user.  You will also need a runtime license for the e-Synergy software development kit (SDK).  The product is written in compliance with the e-Synergy standards and includes multiple divisions to support multiple Macola companies.  For more information about Interconnect, please visit



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