Web Sites to Check Out Over the Holidays

     There are no shortage of great web sites today.  Here are a few to visit together with your family over the holidays to show them some useful resources and have some fun.

     www.microsoft.com—First of all, be sure to keep your computer up-to-date and protected with Microsoft Update or Windows Update. (Check your anti-virus and anti-spyware while you’re at it.)

     www.wikipedia.org—Free on-line encyclopedia maintained by users… accurate most of the time.

     Answers.com—Claims to have over 3,000,000 answers organized by category.  Be sure to give this one a try.

     Dictionary.com—Ditch your Webster.  It’s all here including a thesaurus.

     www.howstuffworks.com—As the name implies you can learn about relative humidity or whatever else you want.

     www.ipl.org—The Internet Public Library has a collection of 20,000+ books, plus the ‘Ask a Question’ service.

     www.napster.com—You can play each song in their 2,000,000 song library up to 3 times for free!

    www.nationalgeophraphic.com/index.html—visit the planet’s people and places from your pc. Very popular destination.

     www.straightdope.com—Answers to all kinds of questions you probably just took for granted before seeing them here.

     www.youtube.com—Amateur videos ranging from the well, not so good, to the very funny.

     www.webMD.com—site designed for lay people to diagnose and understand illnesses.

     About.com—A consumer advice and information site.



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