Office 2000  

For the novice and the experienced user, Microsoft Office 2000 is a great leap forward in information management, thanks to improved document creation and sharing technology and seamless web integration.

Document sharing has never been easier or more powerful in the Office suite.  Any Office document, be it a Word document, an Excel spread-sheet, a PowerPoint presentation, or whatever you need to share, can be effortlessly e-mailed directly from the development platform.    An e-mail button on the Standard toolbar opens up an Outlook e-mail dialog.  If more than a select few users need the document, you can simply publish the document as a web page by selecting “Save As Web Page” from the File menu.  If concurrency of use is needed, Office 2000 comes equipped with group-ware capability over a LAN or Internet connection.

The improved user interface of Office 2000 makes document creation and editing more efficient.  For one, when using the clipboard in Office 2000, users can now store up to twelve items in the clipboard, as opposed to the customary one item limit.  Also, the menu items are dynamic, meaning that most frequently used menu items rise to the top of the pull-downs.  In addition, the pull-down menus hide most of their selections behind an arrow symbol.  Once the mouse pointer passes over that arrow, the full menu is revealed, but until then, only the most frequently used items are visible.  Another innovation is the improved Open File Dialog, which allows users to toggle between personal document folders, a “favorites” folder, and recently edited documents for quick document launch.

Office 2000 also features a robust desktop publishing application called Publisher, which along with Office’s powerful Front Page web site management application, magnifies users’ ability to create professional-looking web pages.  Improvements to Publisher, including new clip art and templates, allow businesses to effortlessly create professional looking flyers, brochures, newsletters, letterheads, greeting cards, and all sorts of other documents as well.

Office 2000 comes in several editions ranging in price from about $200 for a bare-bones upgrade to about $800 for a full bells and whistles installation.  The Premium package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, Small Business Tools, Front Page, and Draw.  The Professional edition excludes Front Page and Draw.


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