Remote Access to Your Network via Citrix MetaFrame for NT

Citrix MetaFrame is the ultimate “thin client” solution, perfect for remote access to your network applications by off-site users.  The processing of an application, such as an accounting system, is done on the server while only screen updates, keystrokes, and mouse clicks are transmitted to the client, which can be almost anything including a 386 PC, Macintosh, or even an X-Terminal.  This means the bandwidth can be extremely low, permitting applications to run speedily using a regular modem.  In certain cases, the solution can reduce software-licensing fees by not having a heavily used application loaded at multiple locations.

Citrix MetaFrame extends Windows NT Server 4.0 through additional client and server functionality including support for heterogeneous computing environments, enterprise-scale management, and seamless desktop integration.

Heterogeneous computing al-lows Windows-based access to virtually all types of client hardware, operating systems, net-work connections, and LAN protocols.  As a result, organizations can maintain their existing infrastructure yet still deploy the most advanced, 32-bit Windows-based applications across the enterprise.

Enterprise-scale management allows transparent system scalability.  With MetaFrame, additional servers can be added to a network without having to adjust a single user desktop.  Applications can be administered across multiple servers from a single location.

Seamless desktop integration offers access to all local system resources, including sound, local drives, COM ports, local printers, and applications.  This level of integration is called “Program Neighborhood”, which is not unlike Windows’ Network Neighborhood.  Icons for server-based applications can be pushed onto the Program Neighborhood client, integrated into the Windows desktop, or put right into the user’s Start Menu.  Not only does Program Neighborhood allow for total administrative control of applications, but also no client configuration is needed.

Citrix also provides Installation Management Services designed to automate application installations across a MetaFrame environment.  This allows quick and easy application installation replication across an enterprise.

MetaFrame is fully Y2K compliant, but even more importantly it is capable of an enterprise-wide deployment of Y2K-compliant solutions and applications.

Beyond Y2K, Citrix offers an “insurance” policy against potential incompatibilities.  Citrix’s Subscription Advantage program provides automatic delivery of upgrades, patches, enhancements, and maintenance releases as soon as they become available.  With Office 2000 here and Windows 2000 on the horizon, Subscription Advantage is a flu shot for your entire network.


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