Tips and Tricks for

·         Find out more information about a contact with GoldMine’s Internet Search pop-up window.  Located under Query | Internet Search, GoldMine provides numerous popular Internet resources to aid the search.  Retrieve  corporate information from AltaVista, Yahoo, c|net Infoseek, WhoIs, Nasdaq-Amex, and Deja News.  Retrieve personal information (phone number, e-mail address, etc.) about a contact from Four11, Switchboard, c|net Infoseek, and Deja News.  Need a phone number?  Try the Internet Yellow Pages.  Going out of town to meet a contact?  Get weather information from WeatherNet or maps from Maps On Us and Yahoo Maps. Users can also toggle a “data view” on and off allowing them to customize search strings.

·         If you need to view your to-do list by type, open your Activity List (View | Activity List) and click on the appropriate tab.  Here all of the items you need to address are organized by type code.

Are your user names disappearing from your calendar drop down list?  Have the GoldMine administrator run 'Verify User Lookups' in the user's file master list.  Go to File | Configure GoldMine | Users File... and right click in the users master file list.  Select Verify User Lookups.


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