Microsoft CRM Implementation 

     Planning is the key to success when it comes to implementing Microsoft CRM or any advanced CRM system for that matter.  The reason it is important to plan is that the better CRM systems are somewhat analogous to an open book with no printing on the pages… you can customize them to tell most any story you want.  Beachwood Systems Consulting has developed template planning documents for the CRM systems that it offers.  Going through the process of completing the template allows all stake holders; Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations, and Management; to gain agreement on what the system will do before it is implemented.

     It is difficult to improve cooperation and processes within your organization when people don't use the same nomenclature. Customer relationship management expects that your organization has a common nomenclature. Failure to achieve a shared nomenclature can result in confusion about the type of data that the entity is intended to capture.  Client terminology is clearly defined and documented in the Beachwood Systems design document.

     Microsoft CRM has built-in customization tools that can be used to adapt the application to meet your unique business needs.  Existing field names can be changed to fit your terminology.  For example, if your organization refers to Account Number as “Business ID”, it can be changed.  If you deal with a unique set of industries, simply change the selection list to suit your needs.  What if you need to change one of the foundational elements of the system, like Accounts?  For instance, what if your organization refers to Accounts as “Clients?”  The change can be rolled throughout the system, including icons, tool bars, labels, views, reports, messages, and even on-line help if you so choose.  New fields can be added easily.  Entirely new entities can be created as well.  For example, if your organization tracks an equipment profile for accounts, a new entity can be created and linked throughout the system.



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