GoldMine Premium Edition Released

  Has your business grown and evolved since you first started using GoldMine? Are you facing different challenges within your business? If so, there has never been a better time to upgrade to the newest product in the GoldMine solution family - GoldMine Premium Edition. In addition to the features that you already know and love about GoldMine Standard or Corporate Editions, Premium Edition provides new benefits to CRM users, including case management for tracking service issues and a number of productivity enhancements for greater user efficiency. Here are a few of the reasons for you to consider upgrading:

# 1 Complete the Customer Lifecycle: With Case Management included in GoldMine Premium Edition, you now can control the entire customer lifecycle in one application.

# 2 Never Get Blindsided Again: Never again will you have a sales meeting hijacked due to a support issue that you were not aware of. From marketing to sales to support to management, you now have a full view into customer interactions.

# 3 Leverage the Loyalty Factor: Some studies show that it may be as high as 7-10 times more expensive to get a new customer. GoldMine Premium Edition helps you understand and leverage your most loyal customers since their entire customer lifecycle information is stored in one solution.

# 4 Utilize the Latest in Windows Technology: GoldMine was chosen as the only mid-market Sales and Marketing Solution included in the Microsoft Windows Vista™ launch. Keep all your existing GoldMine data, and use it on your new computers.

# 5 Improve Data Quality and Improve Data Entry Time: Auto Complete features allow users to enter data more accurately and quickly in GoldMine Premium Edition.

# 6 Get Rid of That ‘Lost’ Feeling: GoldMine Premium Edition provides users with tools to enhance overall productivity. With the addition of a Contact Search box that remains in the navigation window regardless of where you are in the application, you can always find contacts quickly and easily.

# 7 Improve User Adoption: GoldMine Premium Edition provides configurability options for users so they can fine-tune the way their applications look. By providing drag and drop reordering of tabs as well as the ability to show and hide additional tabs, users can become more efficient with a few clicks of a button. Users will be able to select their best view of information

# 8 Faster Grouping and Filtering: In GoldMine Premium Edition, grid controls have been dramatically improved to provide robust grouping and filtering capabilities. You can now summarize information, further filter that information, or group information with a few clicks or drag and drop functionality.

# 9 Enhanced Daily Activity Management: In order to help streamline your daily business routine, the Daily Activity Management features of GoldMine Premium Edition have been enhanced.


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