Should I Upgrade my GoldMine?

  As budgets are being finalized for next year, many executives ask themselves what the best use is for their IT dollars. If you are a user of GoldMine Standard Edition (version 6.7 dBase and earlier), this question is very important.

   We know that your version of GoldMine still works well in your environment and that is a testament to the quality of the product you purchased several years ago. But there are important advantages to upgrading your GoldMine sooner than later.

   FrontRange, the maker of GoldMine, discontinued its support for all versions prior to v7 Corporate Edition. Rest assured though, that Beachwood Systems will continue to support your company’s usage of earlier products as long a possible.

   Secondly, with PC and server upgrades that your company may be considering, older versions of GoldMine are incompatible with new operating systems like Windows Vista. This is also true with MS Office. Document templates created in earlier versions will no longer work in Office 2007.

   Most importantly, GoldMine now uses Microsoft SQL for its back-end database. This replaces the cumbersome dBase of days past. SQL is a far superior database engine that eliminates the need for the ‘BDE’. MS SQL is a much more reliable database engine and database maintenance is performed automatically and regularly to ensure data integrity. Plus, MS SQL & Crystal are included with the upgrade of GoldMine at no additional cost. Nice!


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