Quoting Made Easy

   Does your business require creating quotes for customers? Do you waste time copying and pasting contact information from GoldMine and your product and pricing data from a pricelist document? Do you record the sale data in an accounting package? Are potential sales being lost because there is no follow up with the client after the quote was created? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then QuoteWerks is for you.

   QuoteWerks, from Aspire Technologies, Inc., is designed to be both easy-to-use and a very powerful tool for creating quotes. With just a few mouse-clicks, a customized quote can be created for a potential customer and e-mailed to them in a PDF format, and a follow up call scheduled on the salesmenís calendar. QuoteWerks does this through quality integration with GoldMine to pull the contact information into the quote, and schedule the follow up call.    QuoteWerks also creates, updates, and completes forecasted sales and opportunities in GoldMine and links the quote to the contact as a linked document.

   QuoteWerks can also be used as a product database. By importing your Excel or Word pricelist documents into QuoteWerks, you can then maintain those pricelist directly with price breaking for varying quantities, percentage discounting for specific client types, and product bundling. QuoteWerks lets you change prices and profit margins on the fly, it has price refreshing features that let you refresh the prices on an existing quote with your current pricing, and it compares prices between vendors ensuring that you get the best prices.

   QuoteWerks links to QuickBooks and Peachtree. There is an export module for generic exporting for that can be pulled in to most accounting packages. This helps ensure that data is correctly entered in both systems and cuts down time associated with double entry of data. With pricing between $199 and $329 per license, QuoteWerks is very affordable.


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