GoldMine Mobile Edition
Real-time GoldMine access from your BlackBerry smartphone

   The situation is one most savvy business professionals can relate to: My flight has been delayed and now I’m stuck at the airport. I want to maximize my idle time by driving new business and I want access to my GoldMine database without having to break out the notebook-PC. Whether you are at the airport, on a train, in the back of a taxi, or walking down the street, there is now a simple and easy solution that gives you mobile access to your live GoldMine database at anytime, from anywhere. With GoldMine Mobile Edition you are no longer tethered to a PC to take advantage of the most powerful features of GoldMine.

   GoldMine is an award-winning, industry-leading Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution that has accommodated over 1,000,000 users.
GoldMine Mobile Edition puts the power of GoldMine’s contact information, history, calendars, and other tools into an easy-to-use integrated BlackBerry application, providing your sales force with instant access to vital information.

   Real-time information increases sales agility. GoldMine Mobile Edition helps improve overall sales efficiencies by providing users with contact and sales information at their fingertips.

   GoldMine Mobile Edition has full, end-to-end security. All data is encrypted locally and while being transmitted. GoldMine Mobile Edition integrates with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, so if your BlackBerry is lost or stolen GoldMine Mobile Edition and its data can be remotely deleted from the device to prevent unauthorized access to your critical data.

   For more information about GoldMine Mobile Edition, other mobile accessibility options for GoldMine, or for more information about other GoldMine add-on components, please contact Beachwood Systems.


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