The first E-Mail Marketing & Web Navigation tracking tool designed for GoldMine users.

  In this age of instant Internet access to product and service information, our customers are armed with substantial competitive data, even before a sales rep learns their name! How can your company stay on top of the sales and marketing process and be competitive in this era.

  One way is to track customer digital body language and act on it, using IntelliClick to capture prospect and customer interests & behaviors before the sales team contacts them. This way, the sales team can immediately “key in” to what the customer is looking for and “unlock” their potential before someone else does. The marketing team can hone in on that important digital body language to prepare targeted e-mail campaigns, or other forms of promotional initiatives.

  For those looking for a smart, streamlined way to accomplish this task, IntelliClick software does the job. Web services technology and a user-friendly wizard interface combine to track e-mail marketing & web site navigation. The IntelliClick solution engages the sales group from the outset, and provides the marketing team with actionable data, such as a Top Leads Report.

  The IntelliClick eClick module creates specially-coded hyperlinks which trigger the tracking and capture data directly back to GoldMine. This includes dynamic e-mail messaging, landing pages, event registration, literature fulfillment, and designated recipient notifications (i.e. alarmed phone calls, text messages and e-mails).

  The IntelliClick WebNav module enables your web site to track subsequent page views once they have been accessed from an IntelliClick e-mail hyperlink. Subsequent visits are tracked back to GoldMine. The IntelliClick WebNav user sets how long this tracking remains in effect for any given campaign. Alert notifications further engage the sales group by sending campaign and hyperlink specific messages.

   IntelliClick includes preset Crystal reporting. Detail and Summary level reporting, with graphical views for each campaign, can be accessed for any given user-defined timeframe. In addition, users of MasterMine® for GoldMine can use a special free toolkit which provides further analytics specific to the IntelliClick data captured in GoldMine.


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