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Empower your company with Synergy Enterprise

  Is your mailbox cluttered with reply after reply after reply between members of your organization? Are you still unsure where in the pipeline your organization is with every project or potential sale? Are you confident that every project, customer request, or lead is being followed up on? Are you having trouble finding files and documentation on your server? Are you certain that you have the latest version of the documents you need? If you have doubts on any of these questions, Synergy Enterprise could well be the solution you have been looking for.

  Synergy Enterprise is a web-based business process solution that connects the people, processes, and knowledge that matter most to your business, while breaking down departmental barriers and creating an accurate view of your organization’s personnel, workflow, document, and asset information. Synergy Enterprise accomplishes this through several dynamic features, including: Workflow Management; Project Management; Customer Relationship Management; Document and Knowledge Management; and Employee, Customer, and Partner Portals.

  Corporate workflow is the backbone of every business, allowing organizational efforts to be achieved and overall strategies to be realized. It is not uncommon for workflows to consist of a complex web of cross-functional milestones—custom orders, engineering changes, HR requests, sales calls, marketing events, etc. The hundreds, if not thousands, of dependant and interrelated business processes involved in corporate operations is highly problematic because many do not fall within the realm of a structured ERP system. Synergy Enterprise has an embedded workflow engine that standardizes business processes by capturing the activities between people, knowledge, and processes within the workplace, allowing companies to have the planning, control and functionality needed for an accountable and manageable picture of corporate activities. The built-in reporting for workflows allows for instant analysis and corporate metrics.

  Project management and coordination is another vital factor governing corporate success. Synergy Enterprise facilitates greater communication among project participants. It also tracks project history, activity and results for management analysis; links subprojects to larger projects for rollup tracking; and defines security roles and rules, ensuring appropriate visibility.

  A very important component to the overall success of any organization is the shared knowledge between its employees, customers, and vendors. Access to this knowledge is critical, however it is often fragmented with documents, meeting notes, or ideas available in various different locations. Synergy Enterprise enables all of your corporate knowledge and documents to be shared and accessed from one centralized repository.

  Synergy Enterprise can streamline communications with customers, suppliers, and resellers through portal access. Customers can log requests with your organization, and be assured that their request is being directed the proper individual based on the request type. The customer also has the ability to view which step in the workflow their request is and monitor how it is being followed up, all without a single e-mail being sent or phone call being made. The reseller portal allows for easy management of reseller activity and simplification of knowledge sharing and access.

  Never before has one solution accomplished so much and been so easy-to use. For more information about Synergy Enterprise, or for a demonstration, please contact Beachwood Systems.


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