GoldMine FrontOffice 2000TM

GoldMine Software continues its tradition of innovation with its newest product FrontOffice 2000.  The first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product for small to mid-size businesses, FrontOffice 2000 offers an affordable, comprehensive suite of tools for sales, marketing, and support throughout the complete customer life cycle.

[FrontOffice 2000 is a] scalable, Microsoft SQL Server-based solution [which] provides a unified view of customer information to support all customer-facing operations and real-time access to GoldMine Management Intelligence tools for intra- and inter-departmental business analysis. GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 also offers a number of industry-specific solutions that have been completely customized to meet specific market needs,” boasts GoldMine Software.

FrontOffice 2000’s Sales and Marketing program, which consists of a core of account/contact management tools, sales force automation tools, marketing automation tools, system reports, and mail templates, manages every aspect of account/client relation-ships and blends several analysis and forecast tools into a simple integrated system.

On the Service and Support side, FrontOffice 2000 offers several useful programs.  Call Logging provides tools to log and resolve calls as well as track support center performance.  Alert Monitor is a customizable service that alerts users to new messages, assignments, and other conditions, regardless if the user is logged in or not.  Auto Ticket Generator updates and sends information to customers and transfers call records via e-mail.  Administrator is a centralized command module that customizes, maintains, and controls the FrontOffice system.  The Business Process Automation Module consists of the Business Rule Editor and Business Rule Monitor.  This module lets users define criteria for call and client escalation as well as define actions upon escalation.

As part of Management Intelligence, FrontOffice includes two powerful tools: the Manager’s Console and the Answer Wizard.  The Manager’s Console allows managers to view real-time graphical displays of sales and support data, including call monitoring, service level evaluation, peak resource planning, campaign response measurement, critical customer tracking, and group performance analysis.   The Answer Wizard collects sales and support activity data and creates reports to assist management.

With so many components, programs, and automated tasks, FrontOffice 2000 truly is “Simply Powerful”.  As a GoldMine Platinum Solutions Partner since 1994, Beachwood Systems Consulting is prepared to help you implement FrontOffice for your organization and train your staff to realize the software’s many benefits.  Call Steve Luc at (216) 765-0220 for more information.



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