Macola Flexibility: VBA & ERS5

Besides seamless integration and scalability, one of the Macola suite’s major strengths is its Flexibility module.  Flexibility bundles Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) with ERS5.  ERS5 is Ma-cola’s powerful client/server, SQL-based tool that combines reporting, querying, and advanced data mining technology. Flexibility can be custom tailored to meet any business’ specific needs, such as unique pricing structures and event-based e-mail notification. 

Visual Basic is easily one of the most popular and powerful developmental tools in the Windows-based world.  With over three million known developers in the fold, VBA has fostered a rich community from which to extract knowledge.      

ERS5’s capabilities allow Macola to be integrated with the Microsoft Office suite.  ERS5 also has over 20 ODBC drivers for robust, realtime, dynamic database support.

Using VBA and ERS5, companies can customize the Macola suite to handle unique day-to-day activities or to react to unforeseen changes in the business environment.  The power of VBA and ERS5 helps ensure that Macola users will remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing markets.

“Our clients hire us to create VBA applications and ERS5 reports that greatly heighten the value of their investment in Macola,” says Beachwood Systems principal and CPA Adam Ryan, “and given our experience with Visual Basic and ERS5, we can create these applications and reports quickly with a minimum of added expense.”  Flexibility’s power, which is as unlimited as the imagination, ensures that Macola is “Software You’ll Never Outgrow.”



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