Tips and Tricks for

·     Do you perform a follow up call two weeks after your initial contact with someone?  You can automate the phone call, or any other activity, through the use of GoldMine's Automated Processes.  With these processes, you can automatically schedule an email to be sent to someone, launch another application, update a field, or schedule an activity.

·     Wondering what you have in your “F2 Lookups”?  You can print out a listing of all of the entries or for just one field.  Within the Report Menu, select 'Other Reports' and select the Lookup File Listing report.  Select the Sorts button, and remove the entries for the range.  If you want to see a listing for a specific field, enter the field into the starting and ending fields.  If you want to see a listing of all of the fields, leave them blank.

·     Do you want to see a quick analysis of user's activities?  Use the analysis reports under View...Analysis, and you have the options of viewing a statistical analysis, forecasting analysis, or a graphical analysis.

Attend bi-monthly meetings of the Northeast Ohio GoldMine Users Group (NEOGUG) to network with other GoldMine users in your area. E-mail for more information.



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