Find Your PC Sweet Spot

Every time the chipmakers release a new chip, many of their products are made “obsolete”.  AMD has recently released a 1 Gigahertz processor and Intel has countered with an 833 Megahertz chip… but there is still nothing wrong with a Pentium III chip running at 500 to 600 Megahertz.

All these numbers flying around means one thing for the computer buyer – lots of new, cheap, fast computers.  This is what we at Beachwood Systems refer to as the “PC Sweet Spot”.  The Sweet Spot strikes a balance between performance and price.  For the new 800+ Mhz and 1 Ghz processors, they only represent an incremental gain to the average business user, yet that small gain comes at a hefty price.  Consider the following prices on the chips alone:


Price (Street)

Pentium III 833


Athlon 1 Ghz


Pentium III 550


Celeron 466


Since the faster chips aren’t twice the speed but are twice the price, it makes a lot more sense to go with the slower chips (which really aren’t that slow in the first place!).

What this means to the business purchaser is that whenever major new chips are announced it is a good time to upgrade his or her PC’s and laptops.  By being proactive, employing a 4-year cycle model of computer replacement (25% of the fleet each year), and finding the PC Sweet Spot, any business can realize significant cost reductions due to reduced computer downtime, reduced maintenance expense (and fresh warranties), and increased productivity.

Other reasons to upgrade PC’s regularly are numerous.  New PC’s often have expensive software, like operating systems and office productivity applications, preloaded and included in the price.  Also, the latest software and operating systems are more likely to work on newer PC’s.  Windows 2000 is a prime example of that. 

New PC’s are more powerful and can perform tasks in a fraction of the time compared to their predecessors.  Windows 2000, in order to be effective, needs plenty of memory and processing power.  Most every new Pentium III PC has that kind of power built into it.

The way computer products are constantly falling in price, there is never a bad time to buy.  A loaded desktop machine can be had for well under $2000 and a Pentium III laptop goes for around $2500. Call Beachwood Systems and find out just how low prices have fallen on a new Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, or Dell PC.


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