World-Class Service and Support

GoldMine Front-Office Service and Supportä can provide your organization with the tools for creating a world-class call center and support desk.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is critical to any business, especially in the area of customer service.  No other aspect of the business process can create customer loyalty as quickly and as permanently as good support.  Studies show that customers become more profitable to a business over time, so building customer loyalty is the type of objective that is mission statement level. 

One of the strengths of GoldMine Software’s family of products is that it brings all of the functionality used by large enterprises to the small and mid-size business.  Out-of-the-box, the GoldMine Quick Start Wizard provides support centers with industry best practices as well as the ability to instantly customize the product for your unique environment, all without programming, so you can get up and running quickly,” boasts GoldMine’s web site.

GoldMine Service and Support offers your call center the ability to respond instantly to customer needs and resolve problems quickly.  It also allows the call center to share information, systematically retrieve answers, and gather important customer information.  Furthermore, Service and Support empowers your support team for the coordinated cross selling and up selling of existing customers.

GoldMine’s motto is software that is, “Simply Powerful”.  Front Office 2000 Service and Support lives up to that name by expediting call center activities in world-class fashion, right out of the box.  Call Beachwood Systems for an expert implementation of the Sales and Support module for FrontOffice 2000.   



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