Macola’s New E-Biz Partner

Macola Software is in the business of creating “software your company will never outgrow” and they seek out strategic partnerships wherever an opportunity exists to maintain that pledge.  Macola has done it again by teaming up with Global Software Connections (GSC) and integrating their e-business web portal technology.

Getting your business on the web means a lot more to your bottom line than you ever dreamed.  Not only does an e-business web portal open the doors of your business to the entire globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it reduces costs all across your organization by streamlining and automating business processes.  GSC’s MacWeb e-business application is the key for small to mid-size businesses to realizing their Internet dreams.

MacWeb allows customers and salespeople to place orders, check order status, edit customer information, view order history, reorder from history, and maintain a master list of items online!  MacWeb reaches directly down into the Macola Btrieve back-end and retrieves or enters information.  The entire process is locked down with password protection.

The benefits of a MacWeb front-end are numerous.  An obvious potential result of such a powerful tool is increased sales, but the cost savings it brings may outweigh any new revenue streams.  The automated tasks that can be performed with this system, from ordering to accounting to picking and shipping, accelerate your business processes and reduce inventories and cycle times.  Furthermore, the customer is happier too, resulting in more customer loyalty and even more profits.

GSC’s MacWeb e-business solution is robust and powerful, but also easy to implement and use.  Call the Macola experts at Beachwood Systems Consulting and find out how your organization can join the e-business revolution.



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