New GoldMine Service Program

GoldMine is a productivity tool that can save your company time, effort, and money, not to mention help increase sales and revenues and keep your customers for life.  However, to achieve your goals, GoldMine has to be used properly by educated users.  That is why Beachwood Systems is proud to announce our new GoldMine Service, Education, and Consulting Partnership Program.

The program is designed to build a strategic partnership between BSC and your company.  It is like having BSCís certified consultants and technicians as your own employees, allowing your staff to concentrate on their jobs and not on the technology.  For instance, as a member of the program, you can let your salespeople sell because BSC technicians will identify your sales trends and automate your sales tasks.  You can let your marketers market because BSC technicians will help them analyze lead penetration, opportunities, and closed sales per channel for future marketing budgets. 

Best of all, by enrolling in the Beachwood Systems Partnership Pro-gram, you will be able to budget for tech support, education, and service because the program is fixed-fee.  Whether quarterly or annually, you can rest assured that the support and education that you need is covered.

Strategic partnership has never been more necessary.  The specialized skills of the IT business environment are difficult to come by and are prohibitively expensive to keep in-house.  With Beachwood Systems on your team, small to mid-size businesses can enjoy the benefit of a dedicated IT support staff.  Call your GoldMine consultant for program information.        



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