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Are you having a problem with the sales force changing information on contact records where they shouldn't be?  GoldMine can assign owners to each contact (or group of contacts), con-trolling the security on a contact-by-contact basis.  By default, ownership is assigned to "public" which means everybody has full access to the contact.  Ownership can, however, be assigned to a user or group of users after which only those who have "Master" privileges on that specific contact record, can change the ownership of owned contacts, or if necessary, are the only ones that can change information on those records.


Reduce your Database Rebuilding time: If you have a large GoldMine database on an NT network, it will run a lot quicker on the server than on a workstation. So if you try to rebuild the database from a workstation, it will take much more time and will slow down the server quite a bit. Rebuilding or indexing the same database on the server desktop will be much faster, and allow you and others to get back to work.

Attend bi-monthly meetings of the Northeast Ohio GoldMine Users Group (NEOGUG) to network with other GoldMine users in your area. E-mail for more information.  



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