BSC Total SupportTM

Beachwood Systems Consulting, Inc. is proud to announce a brand new fixed-fee service, education, and consulting program called Total SupportTM.  Now you and your organization can budget for comprehensive IT support throughout the software and hardware life cycle.  Total Support is available for Macola, GoldMine, and Systems Integration.

Total Support is designed to include a complete spectrum of services, such as on-site service calls, business and after-hours phone support incidents, education and training discounts at our authorized training centers, upgrades to your software and systems, analysis and review, expert services, and more.  The philosophy of total support is to be proactive in maintaining your hardware and software in order to improve overall productivity.  Our trained consultants will look for strategic opportunities to improve your operations through better use of your existing systems. 

Total Support is a prepaid service, which allows you and your organization to effectively budget your support costs.  Regardless of your level of IT commitment, Beachwood Systems has a plan that fits your needs.  For the company that wants to stay on the cutting edge of IT, Total Support Gold has maximum on-site service, maximum phone support, maximum training discounts (including one-on-one sessions), plus the full array of services.  For the small to mid-size firm, Total Support Silver has more than two weeks of on-site service a year, a generous amount of phone support, training discounts, and a wide array of services.  For the small firm, Total Support Bronze provides the necessary support services to help you grow your business.  Ultimately, we can design a custom program if necessary.

Take advantage of these programs to plan your information systems support efforts and expenses.  Schedule on-site support in order to provide maximum value from each visit.  Designate one or two individuals as contacts to Beachwood systems to co-ordinate support calls.  Finally, know what your expense for IT support will be for each period.  Each of these steps can resolve small issues before they become large problems.    



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