GoldMine Everywhere

The low-cost solution to widespread deployment of your GoldMine FrontOffice system is the new GoldMine Everywhere Server.  Now your managers, sales force, and customer reps can use GoldMine through a web interface and even on their Palm Pilots!

By putting your core GoldMine functions on the web, in a familiar easy-to-use interface, the need for training new users (and those users who only need a small subset of the GoldMine functionality) is virtually eliminated.  GoldMine Everywhere requires no plug-ins or special software to run in Internet Explorer 5, thus making it accessible to any employee, anywhere, anytime.

Another benefit of GoldMine Everywhere is its direct connection to your central GoldMine server.  This means that any updates and changes made to the GoldMine database are instantly visible to Everywhere users.  Rather than have to re-synchronize to view the latest customer data, a simple refresh of the browser accomplishes the same thing.

Of course, when dealing with remote access, security is a major issue.  GoldMine Everywhere has robust security features built-in, but GoldMine Everywhere is inherently more secure than synchronization.  Everywhere never stores your critical, sensitive customer data locally or separately from your central database.  Once the browser window is closed, the information is gone from the remote computer.

Most exciting is GoldMine Everywhere’s Palm VII Handheld capability.  With the Palm Antenna and Palm.Net service, your employees can access and use GoldMine from places not dreamed possible.  Call Beachwood Systems for more information.                    



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