Macolaís New Q&E Module

Macolaís brand-new Quoting and Estimating application lets you make decisions while you still have the customer on the phone.  Whether for an existing customer or a prospective customer, for inventory items and non-inventory items, Macolaís Q&E module provides you the flexibility you need.

Quotes and estimates can possess any combination of material, labor, overhead, outside processing, and service costs. Q&E is fully integrated with the Macola Suite interfacing with Order Entry, Production Order Processing, and Shop Floor Control.  Furthermore, material costs can be calculated by copying an itemís Bill of Material or by manually adding material costs.  Material, labor, overhead, and outside processing costs can all be marked-up as well.

Q&E makes manufacturing and purchasing history available to the estimator during the quoting process.  What-If Multi-Quantity Cost Analysis in a spreadsheet interface is also at the estimatorís fingertips.

Once the customer has accepted an estimate, the quote/estimate can be converted into both a sales order and manufacturing order.  Option-ally, new items can be created as well as new BOMís and routings.

Macolaís Q&E module is a flexible, user-friendly, dynamic application that further assures Macola is the Software Youíll Never Outgrow.  Q&E will be available in a demo release with the Progression 7.5.103 update due out in October 2000.  Call Beachwood Systems for an initial consultation.



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