Standardized Templates

In our modern wired world, response time is critical.  Just as important as response time is portraying the correct information and image in all correspondence from your company.  Through the use of several standard GoldMine features as well as some 3rd party enhancements, you can develop a library of templates that address most of your daily business correspondence to make your people more productive and effective. 

For example, your sales team takes a phone call about some interest in your products.  The salesperson discusses your products and/or services, and automatically GoldMine sends an email to or faxes the interested party thanking them for calling you, or with pricing and additional product information.

Without tools like this, multiple people will not provide consistent information.  GoldMine 5.0's document management center allows you to create Microsoft Word templates for print or fax and also rich text email templates.  Take the lead and create customized base templates for your business.  Make them uniform in appearance, and keep them customer focused.  Call us if you'd like to discuss ideas for use of standard templates in your business.          



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