Macola Tips and Tricks

 Searching For Text Strings –

When using an F7 search box Macola allows you to enter a % sign followed by a text string.  Macola will then search for that text string anywhere in the field the F7 search box is searching on.  For example, if you are searching for an item number by item description and you put “%cable” in the Starts With field in the F7 search box, Macola will return all items that have the string “cable” anywhere in the Description 1 field. 

 Using Macola’s F8 Notes Feature – If you add the following line to your Macola7.ini file “CHECK-FOR-NOTES=YES” the yellow push pin next to many Macola fields that allows for the entry of notes will change to a push pin when there are notes, but will remain a yellow paper when no notes are present, thereby alerting a user as to whether there are notes without actually clicking on the icon to check for notes.



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