Pearls of Windows Wisdom

Windows NT workstation and Windows 2000 professional version use a concept called profiles.  Both NT and 2000 are designed with the idea of having multiple users using the same workstation.  A profile is where various settings are stored for a particular user.  There are two basic types of profiles: a user including the administrator, and special ones: Default User and “All Users.”  It is always best to install software logged in as administrator to ensure that all files are copied properly and the changes the install program makes are performed.  Recently released software is getting better in that it is aware that it is being installed on a Windows NT workstation and will either install itself so that the start menu items and desktop icons are recorded into the all users group or will ask you if all users logging in should have access or only the user you are installing the programs under.  Older programs are not as graceful which leads to copying files to get it set up properly.



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