Management Intelligence

GoldMine’s Management Intelligence consists of two powerful reporting and analysis tools that help managers do a better job of understanding how their business is really doing. Often managers are left on their own to determine how their teams, operations or other areas in their business are performing.  With GoldMine's unique Management Intelligence, not only can managers analyze and report on how their business is doing in real-time, but they can also make decisions pro-actively - instead of re-actively. Management Intelligence includes Manager’s Console and Answer Wizard, both of which provide you with an integrated solution that offers the flexibility necessary to monitor and analyze information from teams as diverse as sales and support.

The ability to make timely, sound business decisions is only possible when the information you need is relevant, accessible and accurate.  GoldMine’s Management Intelligence tools not only help you get to information quickly, they also present information that is both meaningful and accurate.  As a result, GoldMine does more than just give you the data on which you can base decisions - it also helps you determine the best course of action.

Whether you work in support, sales or marketing, GoldMine's Management Intelligence takes all the information collected from front line contacts and delivers it to the rest of the organization, including call histories, open support tickets, forecasts or credit issues.  Not only does Management Intelligence track and disseminate information, it transforms the information in your company into an asset.

GoldMine makes it simple for you with easy to use metrics and reports that help you make better and more informed business decisions.   



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