Macola Merges With Exact Software

Exact Software, a public company, has acquired Macola to form a $200 million global software company with over 2,000 employees.  Exact is a Dutch-based leader in supplying international e-Business solutions.  The combined entity does business in over 100 countries.  Exact is scouting for additional acquisitions to bring even more value and benefit to its customer base.

Macola decided to partner with Exact because of the synergies between the two companies such as a similar commitment to customer satisfaction as well as a similar business model, corporate values, and cultures.  Macola realized that in the competitive software marketplace it needed to join forces with a software company focused on the global economy in order to remain competitive.

Your first thoughts of a merger concerning your companyís main software application may bring to mind fears that the Macola Progression series product is going to be replaced.  Do not be alarmed. Your companyís investment in Macola software is safe.  Exact CEO, Eduard Hagens, made it clear at the Business Partner Conference that the plan is to take the best parts of Exactís e-Synergy product line and merge the technology with the Progression package.  Progressionís upcoming version 8.0 will include the e-Synergy General Ledger but not the workflow, web access, and human resource focus for which e-Synergy is famous.  In the future you can look for full integration between Progression and e-Synergy e-Business suite providing many, many additional products for you.

Please visit Exactís website at to learn more about this exciting development. 



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