Improved Remote Access to Your Network via Citrix MetaFrame XP™

In working with today’s geographically diverse companies, one problem that Beachwood Systems constantly encounters is a requirement that all workers, even those not in the same location, have access to the company’s main software applications and databases. Fortunately, Citrix’s MetaFrame XP software is designed to solve that very problem.  MetaFrame XP is Citrix’s latest version of their remote access software that gives remote users Internet-based access to all Windows applications from anywhere.

Citrix provides remote access by allowing users to connect to a Citrix server that is located in the main office via the Internet.  The remote user then runs the application on the Citrix server in a personal session.  As the remote user is working, the Citrix server is accessing the program and data through the main office’s LAN and is only passing back to the remote user screen updates, keystrokes, and mouse clicks to update the remote user’s screen.  With only this limited data being passed back, the remote user experiences good performance even when connecting to the Citrix server over a standard dial-up Internet account.

Citrix Metaframe XP is ideal for companies with at least one remote employee needing access to the main office’s application or database.  For example, a company may have a remote warehouse that ships product for the main warehouse.  Instead of faxing over shipping tickets everyday, the remote warehouse could print their own shipping tickets by accessing the application through a Citrix connection.  Other examples include traveling sales reps that can use their Internet connection to access the customer database, check company email, and run reports while on the road, just as if they were in the office.

In addition to fast remote access, Citrix enables organizations to reduce maintenance expenses since applications are installed, published, and maintained on servers instead of individual computers.  Therefore when updates need to be applied, only the server is updated, instead of having to update each client.  This alone can be a tremendous time savings as up to 100 users can access a single Citrix server using MetaFrame XPe.  Software management is made easier by utilizing the Citrix Management Console (CMC).  The CMC allows for control of the entire server farm including servers, licenses, applications, printers and users from any location.  MetaFrame XP also has a Web-based client install that automatically identifies the operating system platform a user is running and offers to instantly download the appropriate client.   

Citrix has released three versions of their new MetaFrame XP software: XPs, XPa, and XPe.  MetaFrame XPs is designed for companies that only need to publish a single application using one to five servers with 20 to 30 users per server.  MetaFrame XPa is designed for companies that need to publish multiple applications on two to 100 servers with 35 to 60 users per server.  MetaFrame XPe is designed for companies that need to publish multiple applications on more than 20 servers with 50 to 100 users per server. 

Citrix is currently run by 99 of the Fortune 100 companies.  Isn’t it time to give your company the same affordable advantages that the big companies have?           



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