Tips and Tricks for

With GoldMine®, there are a number of shortcuts to help increase your productivity. In your daily activities, you can make the best use of your time by using your keyboard instead of the mouse.  The following keystrokes will help you navigate through your contact records in GoldMine.

In the active contact record try using the following:

Summary = Ctrl + S

Fields = Ctrl + F

Notes = Ctrl + N

Contacts = Ctrl + C

Profiles = Ctrl + O

Referrals = Ctrl + R

Pending = Ctrl + P

History = Ctrl + H

Links = Ctrl + L

Members = Ctrl + M

Tracks = Ctrl + T

Opptys = Ctrl + Y

Projects = Ctrl + J

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Scheduling an activity for all members of a filter or group at the same time can save time. For instance, you may want to schedule an activity for all contacts you have met at a particular trade show.  Select the Schedule menu, select Call, complete the Details tab, select the Group Schedule tab, check the Schedule To A Group Of Contacts box and select the proper filter or group from the drop down list.  If you would like to schedule five calls a day select the Span Across Multiple Days box, choose an appropriate start date and time, and enter five in the Activities Per Day field.  Click on the Schedule button to schedule the activities.   



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