GoldMine Companion Products

    Because of its market leadership position, GoldMine has a wealth of third party products designed to integrate with its base functionality. Some products take advantage of new technology while others make some of your traditional tasks easier to perform. Here are just a few that may be of interest to you.

    Desktop faxing can save your team time.  Based on your requirements you may want to take advantage of  OmniRush (formerly FaxRush) or RightFax.  RightFAX is a general business faxing solution to permit each GoldMine user to fax documents through a central server without leaving their desk.  OmniRush is not as robust as RightFax for general business use but integrates more closely with GoldMine.

   WirelessContact Server from Serex and Xybo Systems allows you to access real time GoldMine data from any wireless device, including WAP enabled cellular phones, Blackberry by RIM, and wireless enabled Palm  and Windows CE based products.

   For reporting needs, you can easily integrate Seagate’s Crystal Reports, as well as a new favorite, MasterMine.  MasterMine allows Excel pivot table analysis of your GoldMine data, which can give you very powerful insight into your operations.

   There are many other companion applications available ranging from quoting, accounting integration, data import / export, to caller ID and telephony services.  If you’re looking for something specific, we can research it and see if it is available.  If what you need is not available, one of our skilled developers may be able to design and build it per your specifications.



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