Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP

    What’s all this stuff about XP?            

    Slightly confusing, Microsoft has given the “XP” version name to both its latest Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook 2002) as well as to its newest workstation operating system (o/s), Windows XP.

   Office XP has been released and is available in three editions, Standard, Professional, and Professional Special Edition.

    The new Windows XP operating system to be launched on October 25, 2001 is a significant leap forward.  Microsoft has had two distinct operating system lines, the 9x (Windows 95, 98, ME) and NT (Windows NT and 2000). The 9x series has been praised for its compatibility with most computer devices but heavily criticized for its lack of stability… a real killer to productivity.  The NT line can serve as both a server and workstation operating system and is much more stable but does not support as many devices and features for workstation computers.

   Windows XP is targeted just for workstations and will come in a Home version and Professional version. (Microsoft will introduce the .NET server o/s line late this year as the next generation for the Windows 2000 server o/s). Windows XP is radically different from the 9x line it is destine to replace.  It is built on the Windows 2000 “kernel” and is much more stable. Beachwood Systems advises all of its clients to purchase new pc’s only with XP Professional or Windows 2000 and to upgrade their current Windows 9x pc’s to XP Professional when available. XP requires a P2-300 cpu, 128mb RAM, and 2GB of disk space.  Stay tuned…more details in next issue.



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