Tips and Tricks for 

GoldMine allows you to have quick access to many data elements.  One way to access these elements is by copying contact information to a clipboard so that it can be quickly pasted into another program such as Word or WordPad.  To accomplish follow these steps:

  1. Go to  Edit -> Copy Contact Details

  2. Select which fields you wish to copy. 

  3. Click on Copy.

  4. Go to the second program and Paste the information.

    A second way to quickly output information to another program is with your “Output To” option.  This option can be found in version 5.0 and 5.5 at several locations such as in your Contacts, Details, Referrals, Pending and History Tabs, your Activity List and in your Filters and Report Listing windows.  This feature allows access to information exactly how it appears on the screen.

    To access this option simply Right Click and choose Output to.  You will then have the choice of Excel, Word or Printer.   Once you have selected  the program, GoldMine will automatically open the application and the selected information will appear within. If the printer option is chosen GoldMine will input the information into a GoldMine report.    

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