Macola Tech Tips To Make You An Expert Problem Solver

Screen Set File Error

   If a user receives an “Unable to Create Screen Set File” error while attempting to run certain reports to the screen the problem is that there are too many SCREEN??.TMP files.  These SCREEN??.TMP files are created whenever a report is printed to screen and they should be deleted automatically as the user closes the report on the screen.  However, they occasionally are not deleted due to a system error and remain in the Macola company data directory.  Eventually if the directory contains 99 of these files, Macola will not be able to generate any reports to the screen and will return the error.  The solution to this problem is to periodically check the Macola company data directory and delete any SCREEN??.TMP files that exist through Windows Explorer.  If the SCREEN??.TMP is currently being used, Windows will return a message that the file cannot be deleted and you should move on to the next file.  Be very careful that you only delete the SCREEN??.TMP files and not any other files.

 Price Code Table

    When using Macola’s Price Code table there is often a question about which price is used when two price codes with the same criteria have overlapping dates.  The answer is that the price code with the earlier start date will be used if the order date is before the end date of the price code.

Macola Support Website

Recently, the Macola Support Department began using e-Synergy for tracking and managing all support activity. Support information on Macola's technical support web site will be transitioned over to the new platform.  Soon you will have access to current support information via the e-Synergy customer portal to track the progress of open issues.  You will be able to see where it is, who’s working on it and whether it has been resolved.  You will also be able to see other issues by product.  e-Synergy permits this access anywhere, anytime.



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