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Using Outlook with GoldMine: The Perfect Marriage


FrontRange Solutions offers Upgrade Special


FrontOffice Sales and Marketing 2002 Release Coming Soon


GoldMine Training Available in Cleveland


Companion Product Spotlight:  Learn about CompanionLink


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Using Outlook with GoldMine: The Perfect Marriage


The Perfect Marriage

The perfect marriage: combining the excellent contact management / CRM capabilities of GoldMine with the industry standard email client of Outlook makes for the ultimate management tool for your customer interaction.


GoldMine has advanced calendar functions and allows for complete contact information, activity tracking, relationships, and reporting.  It also has a very fine built-in email client.  If your corporate standard permits use of GoldMine’s email client, your total solution is accomplished – all correspondence, contact information, calendar information, and sales information is in one place.  However, there are some 70 million Outlook users, many of whom have been instructed by Corporate IT policy to use Outlook for email.  What are the GoldMine users suppose to do?  Without any level of integration, there will be two places to look for correspondence: in GoldMine history and in Outlook send and receive folders.  This article explores how GoldMine straight out of the box integrates with Outlook, describes two third party products that increase the integration, and addresses recently announced integration products from FrontRange Solutions.


Current Default GoldMine and Outlook Integration

GoldMine’s email client works with most email servers, including Microsoft Exchange, via SMTP and POP3 to provide users the ability to send and receive both local and internet email.  When these messages are sent or received they can be automatically linked to their associated contact record via the email address.  GoldMine also allows users to set up client rules to process incoming and outgoing email messages.


On the inbound side for users also using Outlook, GoldMine provides the ability to browse that user’s Outlook folders from within the GoldMine email center.  This means that a user can use Outlook to receive all emails and then selectively mark which messages should be brought into GoldMine.  Messages are copied into their GoldMine inbox from Outlook’s inbox (or another Outlook folder) and linked to GoldMine contact records via the email address.  This process does not remove the email from the Outlook folder.


On the outbound side, there is a way while in GoldMine to create an email directly with Outlook.  GoldMine allows you to create a new Outlook message filling in the email address of the current record’s primary email address.  When sent, GoldMine will create a history item noting that a message was sent via Outlook to the contact, but does not retain the body or subject of the email.


Some of our clients use default GoldMine and Outlook together as follows:

1)  Receive all emails into Outlook and selectively mark and bring in only the ones that relate to a customer, prospect, vendor, or partner in their GoldMine database.  They leave the rest of general emails in Outlook so as not to clutter GoldMine.

2)  When sending an email to anyone in their GoldMine database, they use the GoldMine email client that auto-links the communication to the contact’s master record.

3)  When sending an email to anyone not in their GoldMine data-base, they use Outlook.


What if you only want to use Outlook for email?

If your corporate email system decrees the use of Outlook you are still in luck.  The recent release of GoldLook from RT Group, Inc. enables you to automatically or manually link your sent and received email to your GoldMine contacts.  This is an inexpensive and easy to use add-in.  GoldLook is even designed to afford non-GoldMine users the ability to link email sent or received in Outlook to a contact’s history.  When an email is received from someone that does not have the same email address set up in GoldMine, the user is prompted with several options including: finding the contact and assigning the email address to that contact; adding a new contact; or simply not linking the message.  GoldLook only supports Outlook 2000 and newer.  Certain system components are required to be installed on the user’s workstation.


FrontRange has developed a product called GoldMine Link for Outlook that will be going into beta testing shortly.  This product will only work with GoldMine Front Office Sales and Marketing.  We are told it will not operate with GoldMine v5.7.  Anticipated functionality is shown in the table below.


What about Outlook calendar and contacts?

If your workgroup uses Outlook for more than just email such as shared calendars and shared address books, another 3rd Party solution may be in order.  GoldExchange from NEMX Software Corporation allows integration of Outlook email, calendars, and address books for companies with a Microsoft Exchange server.  Users can work in the application they choose and have their calendar information synchronize to the other application as they work.  If a non-GoldMine user enters an appointment or other supported calendar activity in Outlook for a GoldMine user, the activity will automatically appear on the GoldMine user’s calendar.  Similar to GoldLook above, GoldExchange will link your outgoing email from Outlook into your GoldMine history.  The software also specially marks messages associated with GoldMine contacts in your Outlook inbox and sent items folders.


FrontRange Solutions has announced a new product called GoldMine Link for Exchange that is similar in nature to Gold Exchange.  One key difference is that GoldMine Link for Exchange will only work with the FrontOffice Sales & Marketing version of GoldMine.  It is comprised of a “service” that loads on an NT server and synchronizes both contacts and calendars between GoldMine and Exchange.  Anticipated release is May or June of this year.


* * * * *

If you have come to realize the power of GoldMine, you know the value of being able to see the whole picture for a contact in your database.  GoldMine combined with soon to be released functionality or an existing add-on product means that Outlook users are no longer left on the outside looking in. ò  


For more information please call us at (216) 765-0220 or visit us online at



FrontRange Solutions offers Upgrade Special


For GoldMine 4.0 customers, for a limited time (until June 1, 2002), FrontRange is offering a "get current and stay current" program that provides GoldMine 4.0 users with an upgrade to GoldMine 5.7 and a UPP purchase for an investment of $99.95 per user. As a result, GoldMine 4.0 users can both upgrade to the current version and purchase an annual subscription of the UPP.


For GoldMine 3.x and prior customers, for a limited time (until June 1, 2002), FrontRange is offering a "get current" program that provides GoldMine 3.x/2.x users with an upgrade to GoldMine 5.7 for the cost of $49.95 per user.  Once current, those GoldMine 3.x/2.x users can choose to purchase the UPP for the cost of $49.95 per user, as well.


Call today to get your UPP and upgrade to Business Contact Manager, version 5.7. ò



FrontOffice Sales and Marketing 2002 Release Coming Soon


FrontRange Solutions has set a target date of April 22 to release the latest version of GoldMine Sales & Marketing 2002.  This release offers significant enhancements, including improved data integration with Microsoft® Outlook 98/2000/2002 to facilitate effective customer management for mainstream organizations and data integration with Intuit QuickBooks Premier Pro 2002. GoldMine Sales & Marketing 2002 is an affordable, robust sales opportunity management solution for mid-market sales and marketing organizations that require proactive visibility into their pipeline.


FrontOffice end users who are current on their support agreements will receive the new release at no additional charge.   As we learn more about this new release and are able to test it, we will provide you with more information and recommendations for the timing of your upgrade.  Please  feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. ò




GoldMine Training Available in Cleveland


Current Schedule:


Introduction Class                                Intermediate Class

Thursday, April 11                                  Friday, April 12

Thursday, May 2                                    Thursday, May 9

Thursday, June 6                                   Thursday, June 13


Advanced Class                                   Administrative Capabilities

Thursday, April 25                                  Tuesday/Wednesday, April 2/3

Thursday, May 23                                  Tuesday/Wednesday, May 7/8

Thursday, June 20                                  Tuesday Wednesday, June 4/5


Please visit our website at  to find information on group rates, as well as other available GoldMine classes. ò



Companion Product Spotlight:  Learn about CompanionLink.


CompanionLink will move your GoldMine contact information to the built-in Address Book application on the Palm organizer. You may then edit the information, or add new contacts, and the information can be synchronized back to your GoldMine database ((BSC recommends only syncing one way from GM to PDA).  The synchronized information includes: name, company, title, address, city, state, zip and country, five telephone numbers of your choice, four "Custom Fields" of your choice, notes, history and attachment information.   


With CompanionLink, you can specify the number of contact notes to attach to the contact information, to be visible in the Palm Address Book application. The Palm address book can hold 8000 characters, or about ten notes that are 10 lines long.


Calendar Information

GoldMine Appointments, Activities and Calls are synchronized with the built in Date Book application on the Palm Organizer. You can edit, reschedule, and create new appointments on the Palm organizer and those items will be synchronized with your GoldMine calendar. In addition to the standard GoldMine calendar items, CompanionLink Professional also allows you to map "Forecasted Sales" and "Other Actions" to your choice of the Palm Date book or To-Do list.


To-Do items

GoldMine To-Do items are synchronized with the built in To-Do application on the Palm Organizer. You can edit, reschedule, and create new To-Do items on the Palm organizer, and those items will be synchronized with your GoldMine To-Do list.

Adding a new contact note

To add a new note via the Palm Organizer, add it to the Bottom of the existing notes (your cursor will be there by default). When synchronizing, CompanionLink will date and time stamp your new note and move it to the top of the list. CompanionLink supports two way synchronization of notes and enables you to see history and information or contact notes on your PalmPilot. ò


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