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Hitting the Road: Take your CRM system with you


GoldMine Everywhere Web Module Special


Savings on GoldMine Training: New Coupon Books offer Great Value


Companion Product Spotlight:  Learn about GoldBox . . . a real powerhouse


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Hitting the Road:  Take your CRM system with you


If you’re like most companies you’ve invested a great deal of time, effort and money into your CRM system.  Today, not only are your outside sales people out of the office, many others are as well.  You want to make it easy for all of these people to update information on your customers, suppliers and partners.


There are three options to keep your GoldMine system up to date remotely – each with their own unique benefits and issues.  


1.)     Terminal Services / Citrix  - Terminal Services refers to a connection that acts as a remote monitor and keyboard into your system.  Citrix or Windows Terminal Services run on their own server and require “client software” to be loaded on the remote end.  This allows users to make a connection via the internet using Earthlink or a local ISP and then connect to your server remotely allowing them real-time access into your CRM system.  The system works just as if they were sitting at a desk in your office.  The biggest benefit is real time access to your CRM system as well as other applications.  The issues are related to reliable internet connections and bandwidth.


2.)     Web Based Applications – Many of the leading CRM systems offer their products in a web based format.  This allows for installation on a server without having to install software on each and every laptop or remote site accessing your information.  This is also an easy way to share your data with outside rep firms or other business partners that may benefit.  GoldMine offers web based access in a module called “GoldMine Everywhere”.  With GoldMine Everywhere your people can access their calendar and contact information from a web browser allowing them to update their schedules and other information from virtually anywhere (or “everywhere”) in the connected world.  The main drawback of a web based system is limited functionality.  Most web based systems do not offer all of the functionality of a workstation installation.


3.)     Synchronization – If your sales people and other remote users absolutely need access to your CRM system when they can’t connect to the internet, you may want to consider synchronizing your information.  While synchronization typically brings with it the most issues and administrative headaches, it offers the most flexibility for remote users.  Because it is a copy of the database, you can do anything you would do from a workstation in your office, only on a laptop or remote desktop computer.  Controlling what information is synchronized is one of the biggest concerns in this type of system as well as the security of keeping your information safe and private.


As you can see, there is no reason for your outside sales people and remote offices not to have access to your CRM system.  Planning the right means for bringing your users into your system with appropriate precautions for security, allows all users to work together seamlessly.   Seamless customer interaction means one system, one vision and one goal – creating customers for life! ò  


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GoldMine Everywhere


GoldMine Everywhere Web Module Special


GoldMine 4.0 and 5.x customers will receive the web based GoldMine Everywhere module for half price with any 10 user upgrade to GoldMine Sales and Marketing.  The special also applies to new orders of 10 users and above.


With GoldMine Everywhere Web and Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.0 or greater), you can access contact information, calendars, sales information, and more from anywhere. You can also leverage basic functionality and advanced tools like filters and queries. GoldMine Everywhere Web lets you cost-effectively provide access to a shared customer database – even to infrequent users, like administrators or managers, who require additional flexibility in the way they access information.  


GoldMine Everywhere Web works great if you are a salesperson who spends 3 out of 4 weeks on the road. Rather than waiting until the end of the day to synchronize data, you can log into the GoldMine database from any Internet connection. This expedites the creation of new contact records, completion of orders, scheduling of meetings and other internal communications as all information is real time. As a sales manager in this situation you are able to view analysis on-the-fly, regardless of your location. Once back in the office, you will minimize the time spent playing “catch-up,” and instead, focus on building new opportunities.


The special expires on June 28, 2002 at 12 noon EST and does not include installation or maintenance.  Call us for more details and to order your upgrade and GoldMine Everywhere! ò





Savings on Goldmine training:  New Coupon Books offer great Value.


Training coupons can be purchased in books of 5, 10 or 20.  These coupons offer a savings of up to 28%.  Training coupons allow your company to save money while giving you the flexibility to design your own training program and proceed at your own pace.  The coupons can be used by any employee in your organization for any training course as needed.  As a result, they make it easy to afford to send one or more of your employees through an entire training curriculum.  You can learn more about these Coupon Books by clicking here.


Education of your employees through Beachwood Systems’ various public training classes is one of the smartest things you can do.  You’ll see GoldMine become a system that works for your company by helping to increase your sales and manage your customer relationships. The Introduction class allows new users to be brought up to speed so that they can begin to use GoldMine in the right way.  The Intermediate and Advanced classes include topics such as filters and groups, mail merging and reporting; these topics can help you accomplish such tasks as running a direct marketing campaign or pulling needed information out of your database.  Classes in more specialized topics such as Automated Processing and Report Writing in GoldMine and in Crystal Reports will enhance GoldMine's ability to work for your firm so that you can be sure you are getting all you can from your investment.  The Administrative classes offered for both dBASE versions and SQL versions are designed to enable technically knowledgeable individuals to maintain and troubleshoot their firm's Goldmine system.


Please visit our website at  to find information on coupon books, group rates, as well as available GoldMine classes. ò



Companion Product Spotlight:  Learn about GoldBox . . . a real powerhouse.


Are you trying to integrate accounting information into GoldMine?  Have you been manually creating groups, referrals, and organization charts?   GoldBox is a powerful utility allowing you to set up complex routines to manipulate, update, import and delete your GoldMine data. 


GoldBox is a must have for most GoldMine installations. Besides the incredibly useful utilities, options and automation, GoldBox offers 170+ selectable functions.  This functionality essentially qualifies it as a user-definable programming language written specifically for GoldMine.  More than an Add-on, GoldBox is a direct companion to GoldMine itself.  Here are just a few things you can do with GoldBox:


Importing Records - While GoldMine itself allows for import into the fields in the top half of the Goldmine screen or the fields tab, GoldBox users can import data into all of the tabs including History, Details, Referrals, etc. 


Exporting Records - Records can be exported from the Main, Add’l Contacts, Details, Linked Documents, Calendar or History Tabs.


Group Building - Records can be put into standard GoldMine Groups using nearly unlimited inclusion criteria.   In addition, in a single pass through the Main Contact or Tab file, GoldBox can automatically create multiple GoldMine Groups based on a "break" expression.  As an example if you specify to break on the State field, GoldBox will create a group for each unique State and include all contacts having the same state. 


Referral Generation - HUB-N-SPOKE REFERRAL GENERATOR: auto-generate referrals between a Hub Contact and any number of Spoke Contacts.  You determine the number of requirements to be applied from the Hub to the Spokes. 


Global Delete - Ability to run a global delete on all GoldMine files. 


Global Undelete - Ability to run an un-delete on all GoldMine files.


Notes Archival - Convert information in your Notes Tab to History before you run out of space and data from your notes tab begins to disappear!


Run multiple operations automatically - Run multiple GoldBox or non-GoldBox operations in an easy-to-design process list.  You can run any GoldBox batch operation, outside Windows EXE or DOS batch program, or Copy, Rename, Delete a disk file. 


You can find out more about this excellent software utility by visiting or contacting a consultant at Beachwood Systems.  Already using GoldBox?  Check out our training courses at .ò


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