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GoldMine Training Center.  More options to educate your employees.


Visit our redesigned web site. . .


Is your company on a support plan?


Upgrade to GoldMine's most recent version.


            Companion Product Spotlight.  Learn about MasterMine.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with a consultant, please feel free to call us at (216) 765-0220.




The GoldMine Team at Beachwood Systems Consulting







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GoldMine Training Center.  More options to educate your employees. 


Beachwood Systems offers both public classes and on-site classes on GoldMine 5.5 and FrontOffice.


Education of your employees through our formal training can enable GoldMine to become a system that works harder for you by helping to increase your sales and manage your customer relationships. The Introduction class allows new users to be brought up-to-speed so that they can begin to use GoldMine in the right way.  Our Intermediate and Advanced classes include topics such as filters and groups, mail merging and reporting. These topics can help you accomplish such tasks as running a direct marketing campaign or pulling needed information out of your database.  Classes in topics such as Automated Processing and Report Writing in GoldMine and in Crystal Reports will enhance GoldMine's ability to work for your firm so that you can be sure you are getting all you can from your GoldMine Customer Relationship Management System.  Our Administrative Class offered for both dBASE versions and SQL versions are designed to enable technically knowledgeable individuals to maintain and troubleshoot their firm's Goldmine system.


The on-site classes offered may be customized to fit your specific needs.  They are offered in both full-day and half-day sessions.  These classes can be conducted on previous versions of GoldMine.  An additional benefit of on-site classes is to enable your company's employees to work with your own system and apply what is being learned to their everyday work situations more intuitively.


More information about our Education classes can be found here.




Visit our redesigned web site. . .


Beachwood Systems has redesigned its web site to take advantage of many of the latest technologies.  Included in this design are several exciting areas that enable us to work with our clients more efficiently than ever before.  You are now able to review our training course descriptions, class schedules and pricing online.  You are even able to sign up for a class online. 


We have also provided a site for clients who choose to participate in our new Support Plans to submit service requests directly into our system.  This not only enables us to respond more quickly, but ensures that your request receives the priority it deserves.  To submit an online Service Request click here.




Is your Company on a Support Plan?


BSC offers two low cost support plans for our clients.  In order to provide the quality of service that you expect, we are encouraging all of our clients to consider a support plan starting as low as $50 per month.


The support plans are currently available in Gold and Platinum levels.  Each level provides you with savings off our standard billing rate, includes priority response time, a number of “mini-incidents” per month, pre-scheduled site visit availability, and semi-annual planning and review studies. 


Additional options are available such as discounted Prepaid Support time, Unlimited Phone Support, and Night and Weekend emergency support.


More information about our support plans is available upon request or on our web site.





Upgrade to GoldMine’s most recent version.


The current GoldMine (or FrontOffice) version is 5.50.10424.  If you are currently running a previous 5.0 or 5.5 version, you can run the Net Update by clicking on Help | Update GoldMine. (As with any update, if you are synchronizing with remote sites and/or have a large number of customizations, we urge you to consult with us before running the update.  We also urge you to verify a complete backup of your database before running any update.)


If you are running on version 4.0 or prior, you will need to purchase the upgrade to GoldMine 5.5 or GoldMine FrontOffice 2000.  The current cost for the upgrade to 5.5 is $399 per 5 users.  You may want to schedule a day with our consultant to develop the plan for the upgrade as well as to perform it.


If you have a large number of records in your database, or you have many users, you should seriously consider the added stability of GoldMine FrontOffice Sales and Marketing.  The FrontOffice platform runs on a Microsoft SQL Server.  SQL Server lends a much more stable and secure environment and usually improves speed, especially in reporting. 


If you’d like to discuss these options further, feel free to reply to this email or send a new email to





Companion Product Spotlight.  Learn about MasterMine.


You can use MasterMine to build flexible, management-friendly reports in an Excel (pivot table) format which really gives you great overviews of your GoldMine information and lets you drill down for any level of detail. You and your other managers can use it to build your own on-the-fly management reports, clean up your data quickly, and easily segment and build groups in GoldMine for fast group contact or updating. This tool is so easy to use, you will immediately clear up the bottleneck of always going through some "report guy" to get your answers.


The tool works with any level of GoldMine back to v4.0 and Excel back to Office 97.  MasterMine takes advantage of powerful Excel functions to make the whole process of information extraction SIMPLE and EASY.






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