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New GoldMine version 5.7 - Business Contact Manager


FrontRange Solutions offers new Upgrade Protection Program


End of Year Analysis. Some thoughts for closing 2001 and starting 2002


            Companion Product Spotlight:  Learn about QwikQuote


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New GoldMine version 5.7 – Business Contact Manager.


FrontRange Solutions has recently released a new version of GoldMine.  The latest version, 5.7, dubbed “Business Contact Manager” was released this week and includes many fixes and enhancements.  According to the release notes, there have been many fixes to inherent problems, as well as changes made in existing functionality.  Most noticeably, several new features have been added to this version.  New features include an “Outlook” style task bar that enables quick access to documents, external applications, macros, menu options or many other items, as well as expanded Outlook integration.  Also included is a new method for setting up remote synchronizations sites.  The new method allows you to create one file that includes the GoldMine program, your customizations and the appropriate data depending on the site profile.  It also includes the license information and synchronization settings that allow the user to setup his/her own laptop with just a double click.  In an effort to simplify the synchronization process for remote users, a “One Button Synchronization” option is now available.


The update is available only to customers who sign up for the Upgrade Protection Program as outlined below.


For more information please call us at (216) 765-0220 or visit us online at



FrontRange Solutions offers new Upgrade Protection Program.


In an effort to remain competitive, FrontRange Solutions has launched their new Upgrade Protection Program.    The Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) provides GoldMine customers with a simple way to keep their GoldMine up-to-date with the latest versions available by providing guaranteed access to a year's subscription of both in-line updates and version upgrades on an annual, per-user fee basis, via the Internet.


For any new GoldMine customers the UPP is available within 60 days of when any new GoldMine or GoldSync customer registers via NetUpdate at a cost of $49.95 per user and the same per GoldSync site.


For current US and Canada, English version GoldMine 5.x customers that upgrade to GoldMine, the UPP cost is $49.95 per user, per year.


For GoldMine 4.0 customers, for a limited time (until February 10, 2002), FrontRange is offering a "get current and stay current" program that provides GoldMine 4.0 users with an upgrade to GoldMine 5.7 and a UPP purchase for an investment of $99.95 per user. As a result, GoldMine 4.0 users can both upgrade to the current version and purchase an annual subscription of the UPP.


For GoldMine 3.x and prior customers, for a limited time (until February 10, 2002), FrontRange is offering a "get current" program that provides GoldMine 3.x/2.x users with an upgrade to GoldMine 5.7 for the cost of $49.95 per user.  Once current, those GoldMine 3.x/2.x users can choose to purchase the UPP for the cost of $49.95 per user, as well.


Call today to get your UPP and upgrade to Business Contact Manager, version 5.7.



End of Year Analysis.  Some thoughts for closing 2001 and starting 2002


This time of year is an excellent opportunity for some reflections on the past 12 months.  If you set goals for your company for the year 2001, it is a great time to determine whether or not you’ve met your corporate goals or fallen short.  In seems all too often that we fall short of our goals, but this in and of itself may not be bad.  As you determine how your company measures up to it’s goals, we encourage you to ask yourself some of the following questions, and to take this one step further – write up a brief discussion to wrap up your goals for 2001. 


If your company has fallen short of its goal:  Why did we not meet our goal?  Was the goal unrealistic?  Were there other factors that affected the goal?  Did we pursue the goal?  Was the goal measurable?  Was this goal worthy of our efforts?  How will falling short on our goal affect the company? 


If your company has accomplished its goal:  What did we do right to meet this goal?  Were other factors involved in meeting this goal?  Can we generalize anything about attaining this goal? Was this goal worthy of our efforts?   How will accomplishing this goal help the company?


In going forward into 2002, use the Project Manager portion of GoldMine to track each of your corporate goals.  Attach specific activities to the project that affect the goal.  You can even attach linked documents to the project that pertain to the goal such as operations notes, procedures, etc.


Aside from goals, we like to look at the new customers we’ve picked up over the past 12 months.  Ask yourself what your company has done right to earn the business of these new customers.  What does this new business mean to your company?  Have you asked these new customers for a referral? 


If you look at the new customers, you must also look at the customers you’ve lost over the past 12 months.  Why did you lose them?  Does losing this customer have a negative impact on your business?  What should you have done differently with this customer that may have retained them?


To make this preparation easier for 2002, make sure that you create a group of your current customers now – so that you have a baseline to compare against next year.  Also, determine if some additional profile information might help in reporting this information.  This profile information may be standardized in the GoldMine fields tab or details tab with customized lookups to maintain consistency.


Be brutally honest with yourself – you are your best judge.  One of our favorites over the years is based on a loose definition of insanity:  “When you keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.”  Make adjustments and stay ahead of the game.





Companion Product Spotlight:  Learn about QwikQuote.


QwikQuote Software makes it easier and faster to generate customized sales quotations and support sales people. Just fill in item quantities and QwikQuote instantly compiles, prices, customizes, and prints your quotation. Intelligent Layout tool allows maximum flexibility in quote design and speedy printing by automatically choosing the correct page designs for your single or multi-page quotes. QwikQuote imports and exports popular database formats and allows saved import routines. DDE link to Goldmine gets contact names and addresses and then links the quotes back to GoldMine. Convert quotes to orders and generate reports with QwikQuote Reporter 2000.


QwikQuote features:


  Interactive profit and commission analysis

  Extensive help online

  32,000 character product descriptions

  Information rich catalog window

  Single user and network versions


Field sales forces can sync quotes to contact managers, and use QwikQuote File Organizer to gather electronic quotes from the field.




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