CRM Solutions

Beachwood Systems offers three CRM solutions to our clients. 

GoldMine Premium Edition

The Award-winning GoldMine® suite of products including Corporate, Premium and Enterprise Editions are flexible, powerful business and customer relationship management solutions that can help you improve sales processes and shorten sales cycles by untangling disorganized contact information and automating time-consuming administrative tasks so you can focus on building your client relationships.

Exact Software e-Synergy

e-Synergy is a CRM and much more. e-Synergy has a core work-flow capability that permits automation of manual processes that often lie outside of a traditional ERP system. e-Synergy also features a complete document management function.

Custom Application

If one of the above packaged solutions doesn’t meet your needs, Beachwood Systems can build an add-on or standalone custom application to meet your specific CRM requirements. 



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