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Exact Globe

Superior Business Management for Total Vision and Control
Exact Globe is a versatile ERP business solution that allows organizations to gain a deeper insight into the operational health of their business --- across departments, and with customers, suppliers, and vendors. Its full suite solution is designed for organizations that perform light manufacturing or light assembly, distributes a range of products to various market segments, or bases their business on a service-oriented business model.

Exact Globe Finance and Administration
The engine of your business is the financial and administrative operations. By integrating these components with other business areas with Exact Globe, including project, customer and inventory operations, you have instant traceability, accountability and insight that go beyond financial and administrative details.

bullet General ledger links your financials to areas such as logistics and production & sales, giving you an integrated management information system
bulletAssets can be registered directly when making a purchase journal entry, and are linked to financial transactions
bullet Auditing and controlling with a single entry system minimize errors and increases your ability to exchange accurate information for periodic output, data exchange, etc.
bullet Budgeting and reporting at detailed levels, in foreign currencies and in dynamic pivot reports take you from static to real-time financial management
bullet Cash flow and credit management give you the payment behavior of debtors via electronic banking, providing better insight into debtor balances
bulletHuman resource management lets you create knowledge-rich employee files including schedules, leave requests and sales per employee, to maximize staff value
bulletSystem security provides project and process information to only the staff that require it appropriate to their position

Exact Globe Purchase and Store
Maintaining a consistent process for what you purchase and inventory gives you more consistency with customer expectations. Exact Globe delivers item, purchase and warehouse management from within a single, centralized system so you can access the precise business information you need for consistency across your logistics processes.

bulletItem management lets you create, maintain and remove items from one screen for all locations, manage your product portfolio via clear assortment categories, and administer pricing per item, unit, assortment, customer, supplier or period
bulletPurchase management gives you reliable supplier analyses against benchmarks, PO initiation on future stock levels or sales/production orders, and purchase order creation and views
bullet Warehouse management brings clear insight into your stock levels, handles all warehousing transactions including incoming and outgoing goods, relocations and stock taking, and lets you track and trace items from supplier to production to customer

Exact Globe Plan and Produce
To ensure your products and services are delivered in the most efficient manner possible, the highest standards of planning are required. By utilizing the key aspects of product planning and management, including personnel, machinery, supplies, warehousing, and financial information, Exact Globe helps you effectively keep all of the moving parts of your projects in line and on budget.

bulletForecasting is based on input from previous results, sales history and sales expectations, driving requirements for end products and production components
bulletMaterial requirements planning permits multiple calculation scenarios, enabling you to identify the sources of requirements at a detailed level, simplifying inventory replenishments
bullet Resource planning provides you with the availability of capacity at all times, so that machine and labor hours can be planned in advance 
bullet Production costing and control include cost price calculation scenarios, cost change integration with BOMs, and creation of stock levels or advanced MRP production orders
bullet Defining bills of materials mean that during production, you will always know if you are in line with your budget forecasts and expectations
bulletProject management gives you a dedicated environment to automate all projects, with at-a-glance views of project costs, revenues, comparisons, expectations, and financial consequences

Exact Globe Sell and Service
The sale you make to your customer is only the beginning of the process. How you service your customer following their investment in your product is what will keep them as your customer. With Exact Globe sell and service capabilities, you can process your opportunities and retain them through high quality service management tools.

bulletSales and customer analysis lets you identify and leverage the best sales opportunities for leads and existing clients by analyzing trends and relevant data such as transactions, pricing agreements, revenue per customer, etc.  
bulletQuote management means that only accurate quotes with the most current information is delivered to customers and prospects, including discounts, stock levels and delivery times 
bullet Order processing keeps inventory low and customers happy with direct insights into stock during order entry to better meet customer expectations 
bullet Invoicing allows the complete processing of invoices, not only advance payment conditions, pre-payment and direct invoices for OTC sales, but also calculations of sales commissions to employees and resellers
bulletService management ensures that all products and services sold are registered and sales, stock and hour items are defined and maintained, resulting in comprehensive control of operational services

Macola ES

Macola ES is a powerful yet easy to use, highly dependable and integrated series of applications covering all areas of e-business, including accounting, distribution, manufacturing, human resources, payroll, budgeting, financial reporting and electronic commerce for distribution and manufacturing firms with revenues generally between $5 -$100 million and 5 to 120 users.

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bulletUser Friendliness

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Financial Accounting
bulletGeneral Ledger
bulletAccounts Receivable
bulletAccounts Payable
bulletFixed Assets
bulletExcel Add-in
bulletInventory Management
bulletOrder Entry
bulletPurchase Order
bulletAdvanced Distribution
bulletBar Coding
Manufacturing Planning and Control
bulletBill of Materials
bulletProduction Order Processing
bulletMaster Scheduling
bulletMaterials Requirements Planning
Enterprise Manufacturing
bulletQuoting and Estimating
bulletStandard Product Routing
bulletShop Floor Control
bulletLabor Performance
bullet Advanced Scheduling
bulletManufacturing Cost Accounting
bulletStandard Costing
Business Intelligence Tools
bullet Seagate Crystal Reports
bulletIntegrated Crystal Report
bullet Listen to Prodcast on Event Manager


Macola Progression v7.7

Macola is an integrated suite of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing applications designed for small to mid-size service, distribution, and manufacturing firms with revenues generally of $5-$100 million and 5 to 120 users.

Macola's features include tools to support ERP, the entire supply chain including e-commerce, automated data collection, and many other capabilities that allow companies to increase efficiency and accommodate growth

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Integrated e-Commerce



Electronic Data Interchange



Human Resource & Payroll

Macola Integrated Payroll


General Ledger


Bank Book


Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable


Currency Manager


Assets and Depreciation


Inventory Management


Order Entry


Purchase Order & Receiving


Bar Code for Distribution

Manufacturing Planning and Control

Bill of Material


Production Order Processing


Master Scheduling


Material Requirements Planning

Business Intelligence Tools

Seagate Crystal Reports


Integrated Crystal Reports




Listen to Prodcast on Event Manager


Enterprise Manufacturing

Quoting and Estimating


Standard Product Routing


Shop Floor Control


Labor Performance


Capacity Requirements Planning


Manufacturing Cost Accounting


Standard Product Costing


BOMLink for AutoCAD

Advanced Materials Management

Returned Material Authorization (RMA)


Advanced Distribution


Serial Lot


Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Shipping Automation by Starship


EDI-Bar Code Sub Module


RF Data Collection for Distribution


Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Progression Integration and Customization Tools 



Flexibility (VBA)


Progression Workflow Explorer





e-Synergy is Exact's award winning web-based front-office tool that provides combined visibility throughout an entire organization when combined with Exact's Macola ES software.  e-Synergy is built upon three principles: all information should be stored in one central database, all information should be accessible anytime and anywhere by everyone with respect to their security settings, and business processes and tasks should be as automated as possible.

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bullet Documents and Knowledge Management
bullet Business Process Management
bulletProject Management
bullet Customer Relationship Management
bulletFinancial Management
bulletHuman Resource Management
bulletProduct and Inventory Management
bullet Internal Portal




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